The V.I. Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation

International project “Ecological culture. Peace and harmony"

The Projects is a competition of implemented projects in the field of ecology and environmental protection held by the Vernadsky Foundation annually since 2012.

“Environmental Culture. Peace and Harmony” promotes the projects that are aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals and have practical application in the field of environmental culture formation and development.

International project “Ecological culture. Peace and harmony"

The terms of participation

Only completed projects are allowed to participate in the competition. Applications are accepted from individuals and organizations of various forms of ownership operating in the Russian Federation and abroad.

International project
region of the RF
the most active region is the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra
Special prizes and diplomas for the winners



For educational organizations of all kinds (kindergartens, orphanages, schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, further education institutions, colleges, institutes, universities, etc.), with the target audience consisting of their students 


For organizations and individuals whose educational activities are aimed at a wide audience (at the population of a particular district, city, etc. – that is, at people who are not connected with the applicant by business relations)

Civic EcoInitiatives

For concerned citizens who have launched private environmental projects on their own initiative

Voice of Ecology: Mass Media

For the mass media (including internet media) that have implemented their own environmental projects (launched an environmental event, conducted an educational campaign, etc.) 

Sustainable Business

For small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, as well as structural divisions of large businesses (not exceeding small and medium-sized businesses) that carry out (or have carried out) large-scale greening of their work or whose activities are manifestly aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals and solving environmental problems


For organizations and companies whose activities are aimed at promoting and organizing sustainable tourism

Competition laureates

Project stages

  • Accepting applications
  • Moderation of applications, transfer of accepted projects for examination by the jury
  • Summing up the results, awarding the winners (traditionally held on June 5 as part of the festive event of the V.I. Vernadsky Foundation dedicated to Ecologist Day)
  • Проведение информационной кампании о победителях Проекта

Contact information

Elena Khmara, project coordinator
+7 (495) 953 72 77

Additional information