The V.I. Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation

Ecologist Day

A festive event of the V.I. Vernadsky Foundation dedicated to the Day of the Ecologist and the World Day of Environmental Protection.

Annually, on June 5, the Foundation congratulates not only environmental professionals, but also everyone who, at the call of the soul, is engaged in preserving native nature and attracting residents of our country to this noble cause. The Foundation honors its partners in the implementation of socially significant environmental projects and the winners of these projects, celebrates the professional achievements of companies and their employees in the field of environmental protection.

Ecologist Day

The program of the event traditionally includes:

  • presentation of honorary awards of the V.I. Vernadsky Foundation
  • Awarding the winners of the International project "Ecological Culture. Peace and Harmony"
  • Фwarding of the winners of the ecological clean-up "Green Spring"
  • Сoncert and entertainment programs.